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[Posted on June 23, 2008]

Almost every business has run into financial trouble at one time or another. And as a creditor, you probably wish for the best for companies or customers that owe you money. But you have a business to run. You can’t sit around and wait for your customers’ business to improve.  After all, your own business is at stake-- if all your accounts go unpaid, your business will be in trouble. This is where collection attorneys and collection agencies come in.

The Differences Between Collection Attorneys and Agencies
Like collection attorneys, all agencies are a little different. Some specialize in certain industries or certain kinds of debt, while others are large national agencies that deal with debt of all types. What really sets collections agencies and collections attorneys apart is the action they take to collect debt.  Collection agencies essentially take the same sort of action against debtors that you would-- they simply take the work out of your hands. 

What really makes collections agencies worth working with, however, is their ability to do collections much more efficiently than you would.  These agencies have specialized software and phone systems that help to smooth the collections process and make it nearly automatic.  First, letters will go out to your debtors, warning them of nonpayment.  Next, the collections agency will make phone calls if debt is ignored.  All of this is scheduled and automated by the collections agency, and it works particularly well for smaller, more numerous debts.  But what about collection attorneys?

Collection attorneys are generally more effective than collections agencies, and are a good choice for companies that need (or may need) to take legal action against their debtors. Collection attorneys know debtor and creditor law, and are in a position to show a debtor the true consequences of non-payment. They are the best collections assistance to have on your side for large debts.  If a debt is large enough that you’re willing to take a debtor to court over it, you’ll need a collections attorney.

In general, most companies start working with collection agencies first, and pass the account over to collection attorneys when an agency can’t get the debt collected.  If you do find you have to turn to a collections attorney, be sure to take the time to find the right one for your company.  Before hiring, ask all potential collection attorneys for a client list to prove their experience, and remember that choosing the best collections attorney won’t be based on their price or the percentage they take-- instead, choose the attorney whose experience best fits your business… and your debtors.

Commercial Collections Agency understands the in an outs of choosing the right collection attorneys for the right business. For more information, please visit our homepage or contact us via our contact page.

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